Rep. Estes Receives Taxpayer Super Hero Recognition

WASHINGTON — The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has once again named Rep. Ron Estes (R-Kansas) as a Taxpayer Super Hero. This nonprofit organization advocates for the elimination of inefficient government spending.


“Cutting wasteful spending and using taxpayers’ money efficiently is a top priority,” said Rep. Estes. “Too often, the government uses the tax dollars of hardworking Kansans to fund ineffective programs.”


The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste uses members voting records to identify those who helped protect taxpayer dollars. To be considered a Taxpayer Super Hero, one must have a score of 100% – meaning the member consistently votes in the interest of protecting taxpayer dollars and upholding fiscal responsibility.


Congressman Estes is joined on this list by 80 other members of the House and 10 members of the Senate. An improvement from 2019, with only 27 representatives and six senators making the list.


View the full press release from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste here.

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