Rep. Estes Votes Against Bloated Green New Deal Bill

WASHINGTON – Today Rep. Ron Estes (R-Kansas) voted against Democrats' so-called infrastructure bill.

"Americans agree that we need reliable infrastructure which includes roads, bridges, water and broadband, but the Democrats' bloated bill spends hundreds of billions of dollars more than the previous highway reauthorization," said Rep. Estes. "Only half of the original funding went to roads and bridges, and now another $200 billion in wasteful spending has been added to it. It also is loaded with Green New Deal agenda items that won't actually secure our infrastructure here in the heartland. What we need is a targeted infrastructure bill that includes worthwhile projects without wasting billions in taxpayer dollars."

The INVEST in America Act includes Green New Deal provisions, expands electric vehicle subsidies and authorizes $547 billion over the next five years in surface transportation, up from $305 billion that was authorized for the previous five years. The bill also reduces congressional oversight and does nothing to reform the financial structure of the Highway Trust Fund.

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