Rep. Estes Reacts to Abysmal September Jobs Report

WASHINGTON- Today, Rep. Ron Estes (R-Kansas) released a statement following the abysmal September jobs report. The latest jobs report was released with only 194,000 jobs were added – falling well short of the 500,000 jobs economist expected. The September jobs report is the worst the administration has seen so far. 

“The latest jobs report shows Democrats weren’t just optimistic when they sold the American Rescue Plan – they weren’t honest and their agenda simply doesn’t work,” said. Rep. Estes. “The trillions they spent along party lines have stalled out the recovery and caused real inflation: we’re now 944,000 jobs short of what was promised, and inflation is on track to hit a 40 year high. And yet, Democrats still think it’s a good idea to raise taxes and spend trillions more on new socialist programs. Democrats’ dishonest policies have been a disaster for the American economy.”

During the month of September, the labor force participation rate fell to 61.6%, and participation rates decreased for the following demographics: Women, Black Men, Black Women, Hispanic Women, those with only a high school education, and those with some college. The following sectors experience major job loss in the month of September: hospitals lost 8,000 jobs, nursing and residential care facilities lost 38,000 jobs, healthcare lost 18,000 jobs, local government education lost 144,000 jobs and state government education lost 17,000 jobs.

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