Rep. Estes Condemns Canada’s Digital Services Tax

Today, Rep. Ron Estes (R-Kansas) released the following statement regarding Canada’s decision to move forward with a new tax on digital services that would be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2022, and have an outsized negative impact on U.S. innovators.
"I’m disappointed by Canada’s decision to enact these retroactive, discriminatory taxes that will hurt the U.S. economy and the longstanding trade partnership between the U.S. and Canada," said Rep. Estes. "The United States will not sit idly by while Canada and other foreign nations attempt to benefit from our economy. My colleagues and I on the Ways and Means Committee are committed to defending American workers, businesses and innovation and have sought – and will continue to seek – to work with U.S. Trade Representative Tai to safeguard against this theft."

In March 2023, Rep. Estes and Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Michigan) introduced a resolution condemning foreign Digital Services Taxes (DSTs) after Rep. Estes questioned Ambassador Tai about DSTs during the Ways and Means hearing.
Previously, Rep. Estes published an op-ed about France's DSTs in 2019 and responded to French Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire's Wall Street Journal op-ed with a letter to the editor in 2020.

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